Movie and TV Clich├®s

I’m in charge now.

Some say there are only nine plots ÔÇô or is it five?

One by one the guests/passengers/staff/inmates are replaced by sinister people who seem to have a secret bond and possibly meet at night in woods. Gentle, fragile staff members who are beginning to worry about the new headmaster etc vanish and are seen no more. Those returning from a trip abroad are told: “Mr X is in charge now.”

HOTEL CALIFORNIA They donÔÇÖt realise itÔÇÖs a brothel. Gradually they do.

DAY OF THE JACKAL Central character is a ruthless villain who pulls off a clever heist and goes on the run from the cops, but we want him to get away with it.

FAMILY PORTRAITS Older manÔÇÖs beautiful young wife looks just like the priceless old portrait of an evil ancestor he keeps in a vault.

That is an order!
Our murderer seems to have a sense of humour!
Put every spare robot on it!
Are you suggesting that /I/….?
YouÔÇÖre very clever, Mrs Fletcher!

Did that never occur to you, dear sweet wife?
AdamÔÇÖs 30th birthday ÔÇô that IS the reason youÔÇÖre here, Jessica!?

TREADING THE BOARDS After a murder in the theatre, the investigators stand on the stage discussing the case. Someone yells ÔÇ£Look out!ÔÇØ and the tecs leap out of the way as a heavy piece of equipment crashes to the stage.

STEAL AWAY Nervous burglars grope about the premises looking for the safe when they stumble across something cold and inert ÔÇô a murder victim!

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Anyone called ÔÇ£ElviraÔÇØ is a fluttery, elderly spinster with girlish mannerisms and dress sense. Anyone called ÔÇ£EudoraÔÇØ is a witch.

BY DESIGN Dresses are designed by draping fabric around a model, pinning it, and slashing with scissors. (Nobody would waste expensive fabric that way, says a designer.)

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