Whatever Happened To…?

048045a750c8434a51bdad1ffcd49a80They were here, they were everywhere, but now they’re gone.

The smell of: boiled cabbage, Gitanes, Hawaiian Tropic

non-competitive games
traffic wardens
maternity smocks
renting your TV
amusing toilet signs (at the seaside: GULLS and BUOYS)
gobstoppers, aniseed balls
Kir Royal
dollÔÇÖs eye switchboards
punch bowls
mung beans
tinned spaghetti and spaghetti on toast
biscuit barrels
bed socks, bed jackets
side plates
hair glitter (90s)
Gold Spot
fortune tellers (still around in side streets)
prawn-flavoured niknaks
coffee icecream
sago pudding
nylon sheets
brass rubbings
radish florets
collar studs
cucumber relish
steamed puddings
sherry parties

Ah well, once we leave the EU we won’t want to eat European food any more (baguettes, pasta) so it’ll be back to toad-in-the-hole and plain boiled cabbage followed by sago pudding.

More here, and in my ebook Whatever Happened To…?

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