Jobs You Never Knew Existed

If I had children, I’d be sending them to butler school. Or suggesting any of the following:

crocodile farmer
premade genre ebook cover designer
video game artist
drone operator
picture window installer (for those new houses with teeny tiny windows)
rent-a-protester (ItÔÇÖs a job, according to Donald Trump.)
digitiser of old letters, photos, photos on obsolete media, cassette tapes etc.
historic building lister
horse grooming product manufacturer

professional bridesmaid (you act as secretary, confidante, parlourmaid, helper, organiser as well as walker down the aisle)

water leak listener
conservatory valet
wilderness guide for extreme camping trips
confetti grower
reptile transporter
rock concert lighting scenery designer

People can say, with a straight face, that they’re a “preschool consultant,” or that they do “nanny surveillance” or “closet organization”. (

More here and in my mini ebook Jobs You Never Knew Existed.

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